WARNING: Treatment may cause hair to grow
Over the years, medical researchers have discovered that certain electrical frequencies stimulate healing responses in various parts of the body including soft-tissue repair and bone healing. Quite by accident, the studies also consistently revealed hair growth.

Inspired by the results, Canada based Current Technology Corporation spent over a decade and US$15 million to develop the ETG Treatment with the help of leading Dermatologists and Medical Professionals.

ETG is a new non-invasive treatment
ETG Treatment is a non-drug, non-surgical medical option for those seeking a clinically proven response to continued excessive hair loss. ETG, or ElectroTrichoGenesis, involves the non-invasive stimulation of hair follicles on the scalp by the positive influence of an electrostatic field

Stops hair loss, stimulates hair growth
As excessive hair loss advances, the hair becomes progressively thinner and shorter until it reaches a dormant state and disappears completely. ETG Treatment alters this dormant state by stimulating the follicles with certain electrical frequencies to inhibit further excessive hair loss. At the same time, the treatment promotes hair growth.

In a recent peer-reviewed published report, it was established that ETG can help chemotherapy patients retain their hair during treatment.

Now in Singapore
At EHR Centre, ETG Treatment is offered in a peaceful, cosy and quiet environment. Prior to receiving the treatment, you will be given a scalp cleansing therapy that utilizes a range of exclusively formulated solutions not available anywhere else. A complete session will last about 45 minutes.

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