First results extremely positive
In a controlled (double-blind) clinical study conducted at the University of British Columbia, treatment with Current Technology's proprietary ETG device was shown to:

Generate regrowth or stop excessive hair loss in the majority (96%) of the treatment group participants enrolled in the study.

On average, treatment group participants experienced a 66% increase in hair count after 36 weeks of ETG Treatment.

The study data were published in the International Journal of Dermatology (July-August 1990) , a peer-reviewed medical journal.

Extended trial supported ETG's effectiveness

This trial was extended for an additional 34 weeks. Members of the control group who had received simulated or placebo treatment in the double-blind study were offered ETG under medical supervision.

- Through the 70th week of treatment, participants experienced continued significant and enhanced hair growth.

- Those who had previously received the simulated treatments experienced regrowth of hair after receiving ETG Treatments in the extended trial.

- No adverse effects attributable to ETG were reported by any of the subjects or observed by researchers participating in the study.

The data from the extended study were published in the International Journal of Dermatology (December 1992) .

These landmark studies were conducted under the supervision of Dr. Stuart Maddin, then a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of British Columbia.

Multi-center trials confirm clinical benefits of ETG Treatment
A multi-center, controlled, 33-week clinical trial was completed at eight centers across the United States and Canada. Conducted under the supervision of Dr. Richard DeVillez, then Chief, Division of Dermatology, University of Texas Health Sciences Center, the results of this trial confirm that ETG provides a safe and effective clinical benefit to men experiencing androgenetic alopeica. Reports are in preparation for submission to the peer-reviewed literature. A total of 205 men completed the 33-week trial.

Chemotherapy Study
More recently, a pilot study was conducted in New Zealand on a group of 14 women undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. The results are positive and have been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal Psycho-Oncology, Volume 11: 244 – 248 (2002) .

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