Q.1 How will I know if EHR Treatment will work for me?

Ans: In order to ensure that the treatment is appropriate to your specific situation, our consultants will ask you to complete a short questionnaire designed by our medical director. Because there are many possible causes of excessive hair loss, questions regarding your health and history of balding will be asked. Results of the questionnaire will be reviewed with you. If you are a suitable candidate, a treatment schedule will be recommended and costs will be discussed.

Q.2 How effective is EHR Treatment?

Ans: Clinical studies over the years have verified independently the treatment. Published studies on medical journal report that 96.7% of clients experience no further excessive hair loss, with many exhibiting regrowth. There was also a 66% increase in terminal hair count.

Q.3 What about safety and side effects?

Ans: In all clinical studies, ETG Treatment was shown to be extremely safe with no side effects. In fact, the radiation level is lower than that of a mobile phone and is comparable to a power line but with much shorter exposure time.

Q.4 How many treatments will I require?

Ans: There is no permanent "cure" for baldness. For clients seeking long-term benefits, our research has shown that ongoing treatment is required to achieve excessive hair loss stability and/or future regrowth. Weekly treatments are usually recommended.

Q.5 When will I see results?

Ans: Results will vary from client to client depending on a number of factors. Studies have shown that many individuals notice decreased hair loss as early as four to six weeks.

Q.6 What will happen if I stop my Treatment?

Ans: In all likelihood, you will lose the new hair in a matter of months. In addition, the balding process will probably be triggered again, and shedding will resume.

Q.7 Does EHR work for everyone?

Ans: The best results in EHR Treatment are achieved with clients who have just begun to notice excessive hair loss. However, many clients of all ages, male and female, have benefited from regular EHR Treatment sessions.

Q.8 What about hair loss caused by chemotherapy?

Ans: A pilot study with 13 women undergoing CMF chemotherapy for breast cancer has been completed in Auckland, New Zealand. These women were treated concurrently with the ETG device. Study results published3 state that 12 of 13 women had good hair retention throughout the chemotherapy period and afterwards.

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