If you, like the thousands who are suffering from premature and excessive hair loss, have spent a great deal of money and time experimenting with the many options offering to "cure" or end your hair loss problems to no avail, the next few minutes here may bring good news to you.

EHR Centre, recently established in Camden Medical Centre, now offers the medically proven treatment for hair loss.

The treatment is called ElectroTrichoGenesis (ETG) and is offered at EHR Centre as part of a complete and rejuvenating therapy.

With a published and official 96% success rate, the US$15 million treatment is well documented in the prestigious International Journal of Dermatology. What this means to you is that you now have access to solid and genuine proof of its effectiveness before you even pay us a visit.

Dr. Mahmood Kara, encourages you to look through this website and download or read the documents - perhaps even show them to your dermatologist.

When you're comfortable, visit our Centre. You can be assured that there is absolutely no obligation - and be comfortable in the fact that we, too, do not appreciate any form of pressure-selling that is the norm.

Call 6735 8735 (Camden) 6535 3323 (RafflesPlace), or send us an enquiry, or simply drop by EHR Centre

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